Are you currently in a really weird dating situation? Are you struggling being on your own? Do you hate everyone and everything and don’t quite know why? I’m here to give completely unprofessional advice, mostly based on life lessons and videos I may have seen on YouTube.

Is he not into me or is he actually tired?- Anon

I have been seeing this guy for a while. He’s a teacher, and they had just gone back to school. I had been overseas for a couple of weeks and hadn’t seen him, but we finally had a chance to hang out. Normally we hang out really late, but he was really tired and quiet the whole night, and he left really early, like right after the restaurant.
It made me feel really weird, he said he was just tired and was really happy to see me but I can’t help but question if he was actually just tired from going back to work or if he maybe isn’t into it anymore?

I can relate to this because I always say “I’m just tired” when I’m actually cranky, but it doesn’t normally take me long to come clean. I think that if he went out of his way to tell you that he was happy to see you but just tired that it is nothing to worry about. Teaching is a really draining job, and if he has just gone back to work and you had dinner on a week night, he was probably exhausted! I think past experience might be tainting your view of it, maybe leave it a couple of days and if he doesn’t go back to how he normally is with you, ask him straight up if everything is ok, open communication makes everything much easier and less stressful if you don’t leave yourself guessing!

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